Sunday, September 11, 2016

Remembering 9-11-2001, also an update about hottest biz on net today!!!

Remembering 9-11-2001. Have you checked out the #1 money-making (residual income generating) biz on the net today? Why wait? And it is free to join & participate:

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Industrial Cleaning, Blogging, Online Surveys, Taxes, Accounting, Computers, Network Marketing, Free Leads

Hi folks, please call 762-222-2635 for all of your industrial cleaning & servicing needs in the CSRA or USA. We do it all, safety first. Thanks for your support & encouragement over the years. Mark "Steve" Hauser — in Augusta, Georgia.

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Accounting, Auditing, Blogging, Computers, Consulting, Management, Notary, Payroll, Surveys, Taxation

Hi Fanta-bulous Friends & Family, here are the services that I provide at a very reasonable price, generally at least 50% lower (half of) than what others charge, for example H&R Block doing tax preparation, etc.

Accounting - over 25 years experience in all facets of accounting including collections, accounts payable, accounts receivable, variance analysis, budgeting, monthly client write-up, financial statements, and more

Auditing - two years experience working for a CPA firm

Blogging - well over 10 years writing & posting blogs, advertising, and online marketing

Computers - 20+ years doing a little website design, programming, html, & working on computers

Consulting - am available hourly & part-time for advice on accounting, taxes, finance, investments, etc.

Management - over 10 years managing businesses and supervising others

Notary - am a notary in the state of GA, but we must meet in person in order to notarize documents

Payroll - over 10 years doing data entry, paying Payroll taxes, filing reports & doing reconciliation

Surveys (FREE) - online surveys, mystery shopping, paid-to-read emails & similar sites, product testing

Taxation - over 25 years experience mainly preparing individual tax returns but also 2 years doing others

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Thanks for allowing me to help with anything you may need. 
Mark Stephen Hauser

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Friday, January 1, 2016

How to use F.O.R.M. in social networking

     Happy New Year, let's make it healthy, wealthy & wise for everyone! How do you make the world your prospecting list? It is called the three foot rule in network marketing, but done right it is just about developing relationships. Then every person you see is now a possible business partner in network marketing and the world is now your list. But to do it right is the key. How do you approach someone and be able to speak with them and develop a relationship? The key that has worked for our team is the acronym FORM.
     F stands for family, O stands for occupation, R stands for recreation, and M stands for message. These are the items to talk about when you are prospecting someone for your network marketing business. The process is simple. I start out with a compliment and if it is the opposite sex I typically will talk about my wife within the complement so they don't think it is an inappropriate advance. A common compliment I will use is "My wife would love a pair of shoes like that where did you get them?"
     Then after that it is easy to talk about family, occupation, recreation...these items flow naturally and you should ask many questions and listen. People love to talk about themselves and that information is absolutely priceless in seeing whether you want that person in your network marketing business or not.
     The final area is to then deliver the message. The message may not fully be what you think....most of the time it is not going to work if you tell the person all about your business right when you meet they might ask what do you do for a living, but before you jump into the 5 minute version which is enough info to say no, but not enough info to say yes. Try this...Tell them that you are teamed up with an international marketing firm and business is booming right here in the local market and you need some help. Who do they know that would like to make an extra $4,000-$5,000 per month part-time not quitting their day job? Then look at your watch, get their business card, say you have to be somewhere and get out of dodge... The follow up then is then and say you only have a few minutes to talk and get them on one of the ways your business processes new prospects...this has been a tried and true method on building a big business.
     To learn more about the specifics of our business go below and read the posts about SFI, a solid, F-R-E-E money-making resource! Thanks, Steve Hauser of

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

SFI pays Commissions, FREE to join & do

So yes, I shared recently that I'm blessed to have earned over $200 in commissions with SFI, a fanta-bulous program that's free to join & do. Decided to cash out the difference & leave $200 in my account, smile. Thanks, Steve Runningman FindCash Martinezshopper 
Proof of Payment:

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Make Vacation Memories of a Lifetime

From the Hauser family to yours: Make the most wonderful vacation memories that last a lifetime. Consider Westgate Resorts where we've been owners for 8 years now, enjoying fantastic destinations like oceanfront Myrtle Beach & also staying near Disney in Orlando, FL. The conveniences, luxuries & amenities that we all love, that special time with friends and family. There are dozens of resorts in at least a dozen different places that are special to explore.

Own something, be a part of something, a legacy. You can will it to your kids & grandchildren too. Starting at only $39, they have many different vacation packages & options. So don't delay, check it out today!

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