Sunday, November 17, 2013

Leads, Traffic, Prospects, Making Friends, Building Relationships

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We all know that one of the main keys to any success online whatsoever is leads, leads, leads, traffic, traffic, traffic, prospects, prospects, prospects. So with that said, whether you are promoting an online network marketing biz, selling flowers, an insurance salesperson, a grocery store owner, a business owner, an entrepreneur, no matter what the business, products, goods, or services, you should consider safelists as an option to assist you with this. Thanks, Steve Hauser of

P.S. In addition to safelists, there are solo ads & many other ways to generate leads and traffic.

Traffic Exchanges

My main website for traffic exchanges and related sites: but the site is in need of updating, so I'm going to share the best ones with you that are free to join and utilize. Smiley Traffic is one of my favorites because you can advertise multiple websites or programs. You can surf manually, but even cooler you can put it on autosurf and let it run around the clock 24/7, 365 days a year! Plus not only do you earn free credits which are used to promote your programs and websites, but you even earn a little cash. Hey, it is only pennies per page surfed, but this is on autopilot, free money ha! Traffic Swarm is another excellent one. This is a very good traffic exchange where you can use text ads. Also check out EasyHits4U too!

Paid-to-Read Emails and similar sites

When it comes to paid-to-read emails (or to search, click, surf, etc.), yes they pay you pennies or even dollars a day if you have a few folks in your downline. Personally I do NOT use these sites to earn money really. The real value comes from using the money and points that you earn to promote your websites or programs (online businesses) to the thousands of member. Get Paid Mail has been one of very best ones for many years as the owner and site are excellent. Clix Sense is a cool one that has paid-to-click ads and such. Hits4Pay and DealsNCash are two more excellent sites where I've reached the $25 payout often.

Social Networking Sites

is a social networking site and much more. It is a little similar to Facebook but one major difference is that you can actually be paid for being a member! Plus the site has a ton more ways to promote and they are strict but still a little more lenient that FB and others about allowing you to post ads.I have reached the $50 payout numerous times. Finally for now, Adlandpro is another traffic exchange but also a community similar to Apsense and Facebook where you can make a ton of friends, build relationships, learn things, brainstorm, share ideas, and have fun. They allow you to create groups and forums, post ads, and many activities. While they highly encourage meaningful dialogue and interaction among members, they also allow you to post ads!!

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